• Moses and Organ
  • Creature and Scalpel
  • Ghoul in Tree
  • Scary Bedroom
  • Truck Skidding
  • Moses
  • At the Rave
  • Luxa Hand
  • Wall-Slam
  • Faceless
  • Joseph and Stella
  • Offroading
  • Forgetter and Five-Fingers
  • Chins
  • Forgetter and Hound
  • Playing the Organ
  • Maryen and Bugs
  • Moses and Gun
  • Sever and Head

About 7th Wave Comics

7th Wave Comics is a group of talented and enthusiastic creators who love comics and have joined together to produce the comic anthology Undertow. Undertow features the supernatural Western “The Organ-Grinder,” illustrated by Gibson Quarter, along with other serialized and stand-alone stories by different illustrators.

Issues of Undertow are available here on the website, and at select comic cons and shops around the U.S. and Canada. Digital versions are available from comiXology.

About Undertow

UNDERTOW (n.) — any strong current below the surface of a body of water, moving in direction different from that of the surface current.

The stories of Undertow strive to do the same, and bring readers something new and exciting, different from anything they’ve read before. Horrific, fantastic, and bizarre, the tales you’ll find here don’t end with the close of the book. In a world full of strange, and wondrous things, there are many questions left to be asked, and the characters of Undertow are those who would ask them, and seek out the answers.

New From Our Blog

Monsters & Dames

Artwork from Undertow artists Gibson Quarter and Greg Harms was recently accepted for Emerald City Comic Con’s Monsters & Dames 2016 artbook. Proceeds from sales will go to Seattle Children’s Hospital. Emerald City Comic Con is later than usual this year, and running for four days from April 7th-10th! There are still tickets for sale on all days but Saturday and I suggest you check it out even if you think you might be interested. Comic enthusiast or not there is honestly something here for everyone and it’s a great community. 7th Wave Comics will be at booth 103 so please come by and say hello if you can attend!