• Moses and Organ
  • Creature and Scalpel
  • Ghoul in Tree
  • Scary Bedroom
  • Truck Skidding
  • Moses
  • At the Rave
  • Luxa Hand
  • Wall-Slam
  • Faceless
  • Joseph and Stella
  • Offroading
  • Forgetter and Five-Fingers
  • Chins
  • Forgetter and Hound
  • Playing the Organ
  • Maryen and Bugs
  • Moses and Gun
  • Sever and Head

About 7th Wave Comics

7th Wave Comics was created by writer Luke Donkersloot and began publishing the independent comic anthology Undertow in 2010. The first issue debuted the supernatural Western “The Organ-Grinder,” illustrated by Gibson Quarter. Since then, Undertow has continued to feature the OG, along with serialized and stand-alone stories by other creators.

There are currently six issues of Undertow available on this website, and at select comic cons and shops around the U.S. and Canada. Sets of books are also available at amazon.com with free shipping. Digital versions are available from comiXology.

We’ve recently released our first trade paperback, The Organ-Grinder, a 120-page book including content from Undertow #1-6 with a new, stand-alone OG story. It is available on this website, and will soon be available at available at amazon.com and comiXology.

About Undertow

UNDERTOW (n.) — any strong current below the surface of a body of water, moving in direction different from that of the surface current.

The stories of Undertow strive to do the same, and bring readers something new and exciting, different from anything they’ve read before. Horrific, fantastic, and bizarre, the tales you’ll find here don’t end with the close of the book. In a world full of strange, and wondrous things, there are many questions left to be asked, and the characters of Undertow are those who would ask them, and seek out the answers.

New From Our Blog


We recently released The Organ-Grinder in trade paperback format at Emerald City Comic Con 2016! The book came from Rink Printing in South Bend, Indiana (they’ve been printing our books since Undertow #6), and turned out absolutely beautiful. The response at the show was overwhelmingly positive, and even though the crowd was noticeably smaller than in years past, we were busier than ever meeting new people drawn in by the stand-out look of the book, and telling them what we’re all about. I empathized a bit here with Jeremiah (the OG), missing my right-hand man, Greg Harms, who put the book together with me in the 11th hour, but couldn’t attend. He colored and dressed the front cover and broke out a multitude of techniques he’s picked up over the years to make it go off like a flash-bang grenade, or even an …