We recently released The Organ-Grinder in trade paperback format at Emerald City Comic Con 2016! The book came from Rink Printing in South Bend, Indiana (they’ve been printing our books since Undertow #6), and turned out absolutely beautiful. The response at the show was overwhelmingly positive, and even though the crowd was noticeably smaller than in years past, we were busier than ever meeting new people drawn in by the stand-out look of the book, and telling them what we’re all about. I empathized a bit here with Jeremiah (the OG), missing my right-hand man, Greg Harms, who put the book together with me in the 11th hour, but couldn’t attend. He colored and dressed the front cover and broke out a multitude of techniques he’s picked up over the years to make it go off like a flash-bang grenade, or even an explosive-laden donkey, to put it in comic terms.

We saw a lot of familiar faces, too, along with a few people instructed by friends that couldn’t make the show to come see us and pick up the book. As a creator I haven’t encountered anything yet that makes me feel what I’m doing is worthwhile more than this. Self-publishing is no small undertaking, especially while trying to support a young family, and it’s been Mega EX (six-year-old has me playing Pokemon…apologies) encouraging experiences like this that keep my creative spirit lifted up high, and my mind’s eye set forward on my next goal. To those of you out there that read the book, and know us face to face, you’ve given me and the other guys on the book a truly wondrous gift. Here’s a high-five, and thank you.

For anyone new to our books, check out our online store, or if you’re not ready to go full in and put your head under the water, we still have a few sets of Undertow #1-5 on amazon prime with free shipping, along with digital versions at comiXology. There’s also a free digital comic, “The Organ-Grinder,” in our store that collects the first two episodes of the OG from Undertow #1 and 2. Take a look–I’m convinced you’ll enjoy it–a number of intelligent, talented guys have put a lot into making these books, and the one thing we all have in common is that we LOVE comics. If that’s you too…you’ve come to the right place. Let us know what you think, we’re always eager to meet new and interesting people. Any of the creators on the book can be reached via email at