Undertow 4 Is Here!

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Undertow #4 is now available here on the website. It is definitely our best work so far–each book has been better than the last and I can assure you that the streak will continue! Huge thanks to everyone that contributed, most especially Greg Harms for his great ideas and dedication, Gibson Quarter for prodding me along when I occasionally wander off track, and my new friend Adam Gorham for making my abstract ideas into something tangible, and beautiful. Read Undertow #4 and you will see what I mean. Comics are $5/each here on the website, or $1/each for digital copies. And just a quick rundown of what’s going on the new issue:

“The Organ-Grinder” pt. 4 – Wanted: Jeremiah McAlester! The Innocents hatch a plan to bring Jeremiah in, and get some transients out of town in the process.

“The Forgetting” pt. 3 – After centuries apart, Luxa returns to America to search for the Forgetter, and reminisces on the last time they’d met. John and the Forgetter flee the scene of the Forgetter’s resurrection and seek some peculiar help. Inside the mountain tomb, Five-Fingers and the Goddess’ followers perform the rite and prepare for the Goddess’ return.

Front cover by Gibson Quarter and Guillermo Ortego. Back cover by Adam Gorham. Color by Greg Harms. Additional help from Undertow newcomers Shane Heron who inked the inside front cover, and Ryan Alonzo, who did the inside back cover promo for an upcoming story in Undertow #5–more on that later!

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